What We Do - Overview

What We Do - Windows Reloads

OEMs and many computer repair shops don't install Windows the correct way. This can result in many problems right away, and more down the road. We load Windows properly.
  • Configure firmware for maximum security and performance
    • Disable legacy and unnecessary components in firmware
    • Enable compatible features in firmware that improve the system
    • Use new firmware standards on capable computers
  • Optimize storage configuration
    • Offer to upgrade to quality solid state storage
    • Create new partition table instead of using pre-existing structure
  • Install critical software first so the system can depend on it
    • Install important drivers before installation, not after
    • Install latest libraries and frameworks
  • Plus everything else we do on all Windows devices

What about my files, programs, and other data?

Before we clean load any computer we upgrade, a system image/backup is taken of all user data. We also use official Microsoft utilities to help transfer your data.

More information about computer services coming soon